Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pediatric Physical Therapy in the News


Becky said...

What an inspiring video. Thank you for posting this. If you are looking for more OT and PT advice, you might want to check out the Cirrus Allied LinkedIn Group (name: The Traveling Therapist). The Traveling Therapist posts a variety of job opportunities in tons of U.S. cities and provides members with information on the most recent trends in occupational/physical therapy. Join today at

Janice Ladden said...

Good for pretty little Lily. I hope that one day she can walk without trouble and be able to spend time at the playground with her friends, just as any kid excitedly wanted to do. I consulted Lily's situation to Physical Therapy Dallas Texas based experts and they stated that pediatric physical therapy is a huge step in helping all of those kids diagnosed with cerebral palsy.