Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do You Sugar Coat?

An article in a recent issue of Pediatrics brings up an interesting point when dealing with mothers of young children and their child's development. Three focus groups, consisting of mothers of children who received early intervention, mothers of typically developing children and specialists were studied. Most mothers indicated a "non alarmist style of communicating if delays were suspected". Some other mothers indicated that they preferred a "more direct style" so that they were better able to understand. All of the focus groups felt that the following were a priority: developmental timeline of what to expect, suggestions to encourage developmental skills and a follow up evaluation.

What do you do in your daily practice? Are you a "sugar coater or a straight talker"?

Reference: Sices, Laura, Egbert, Lucia, Mercer, Mary Beth Sugar-coaters and Straight Talkers: Communicating About Developmental Delays in Primary Care Pediatrics 2009 124: e705-e713


therextras said...

I'm more of a straight talker, but I'm pretty sensitive and can lead a parent to a difficult realization without them wanting to kill the messenger.

Your Therapy Source Inc said...


That sounds like an impressive skill. I could use some work in this area. I don't sugar coat but I am not very good at being the bearer of bad news.

Stacey,momof 2 said...

I popped over here after seeing you mentioned on TherExtras...
I have to say that when my daughter was young-- under 5 years-- most things were always sugar coated -- but now that she is in third grade, things are commented on in a matter of fact way--
My son is in first grade, and things with him have to be very black and white... that has helped somewhat--
anyway... I'll have to pop over here and read more often...
Seems to me you are focused on the kids and the family -- yahoo!

Your Therapy Source Inc said...


Thanks for the comment. The focus should always be on the kids and the family first. I am happy to hear that you get that vibe from my blog. Thank you very much - big compliment for me.